iTunes Apps Tabitunes-start.png

Connect your iPad and iTunes will open:

This is where you’ll go to manage your downloaded iPad apps. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll notice that all of the apps you already own are pre-populated here.

1. Select the apps that you want to appear on your iPad from the left-hand menu, which can by sorted by name, category or date--these are the ones that you have downloaded previously. You can choose to sync all of your apps or to manually "check" the apps that you would like to sync.

2. On the far right side, you will see black screens containing the apps (some people call these elevator cars) Drag-and-drop the apps from one screen to another to switch them from one iPad page to a selected page. You can also drag-and-drop individual pages to rearrange them.

3. Across the bottom of the Apps Tab, you may also view the capacity of your device.

4. When you are done making ALL your changes--press the SYNC button in the lower right corner to move all the changes over to your iPad.

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