iTunes Photos Tabphoto_tab.png

Connect your iPad and iTunes will open:

If iTunes does not open, you can open the application by locating it in your dock and clicking the icon or by finding it in the applications folder on your computer. iTunes is where you’ll go to manage your digital photographs.

Under Devices along the left side, select YOUR IPAD by clicking on the device name.

1. Select the "Photos Tab" along the left side.

2. Make the selection to either sync ALL photos, albums, events, etc. OR to only sync manually selected albums, events, etc.

3. Decide if you want videos included in iPhoto to be synchronized with your iPad and check or uncheck that selection.

4. If you have opted to manually select the albums, etc. you will need to put a check mark next to each album, event and face that you would like to have appear on your iPad.

5. When you have made your selections you can press the APPLY button to begin the sync or wait until you have made all of our changes (and then press Apply/sync)

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