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Handout in .pdf format outlining "Keyboarding Basics" on your iPad: Keyboard.pdf

Knowing a few “shortcuts” when using the on screen keyboard can make entering information more efficient.

On Screen Keyboard Tips:

  • Quick UNDO—after making a change that you do not want, shake the ipad like you would and etch-a-sketch and select undo.

  • To enable Caps Lock, double tap the "shift" key. Cap Lock has to be enabled in settings first. Go to settings, general, keyboard, then Enable Caps Lock.

  • When you type and arrive at the end of a sentence, you can double-tap the space bar and it will type a period for you. When you start to type the next sentence, the first letter of the word will automatically be capitalized.

  • Web Address Endings—.com appears on the keyboard as a key, if the user taps and holds on the .com key a list of other endings such as .org, .net, .us will appear so that the user can drag their finger to the needed ending

  • International Keyboards—tap the home key, locate “Settings” and then General Setting-->Keyboard. Different international keyboards can be added (and accessed under the globe key on the keyboard)

  • Accessing “Special Keys”—tap and hold on an associated key to access the options available for the key (N for Ñ) (. for …….)

  • Auto Completion, Auto Correction, Check Spelling and Enable Caps Lock---all can be turned on/off by tapping the home key, locate “Settings” and then General Setting-->Keyboard (see image above)