iPad Basics ~ Spotlight Searchingspotlight_search.png

Handout in .pdf format outlining the steps to use the spotlight search: Spotlight Search.pdf

Once users begin filling their iPads with apps, it is sometimes difficult to find an app efficiently--especially if utilizing folders and all of the available 11 screens/pages on the iPad. Spotlight search allows the user to quickly find an app, a particular contact, or any other "searachable" item on the iPad.

To Begin Using Spotlight Search

1. Turn on your iPad and press the home button to return to the “Home Page.”

2. On the main page of the home screen, swipe to the right.

3. The “Spotlight Search” page will open, tap in the rounded rectangle at the top of the search page and use the on-screen keyboard to enter your search (it can be an app, a contact, etc.)—see at right.
4. As you begin typing, the “spotlight search” begins returning possible items that “match” your search term.

5. From the list of “returned matches” simply tap the one that you would like to open.